3PL’s – A Ten Year Look

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The latest edition of Supply Chain Management Review has an excellent article on the 3PL industry.

This article will focus on the U.S. 3PL industry as it is seen by the CEOs of the largest service providers over the past ten years. Each year the research targeted 20 to 25 CEOs. In the 2004 study, for example, 23 CEOs participated, representing companies with more than $17 billion in annual operating revenues. Participation was similarly high in earlier years. Without the willingness of the chief executives to share their views on the industry this stream of research would not have been possible.

The article takes an in-depth look at the evolution of 3PL‘s over the last ten years covering the following issues:

1. What’s happened in ten years?
2. Changes in market participants
3. Alliances
4. The big have gotten bigger
5. Broadened service offerings
6. Industry specialization
7. Globalization of the industry
8. Market penetration and customer size
9. Customer selectivity
10. Technology
11. Perceptions of the industry
12. Company & industry revenue forecasts
13. Implications for users

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