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Every year I look forward to the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies magazine article regarding the top 25 global 3PL‘s. The research and article is actually completed and written by Richard Armstrong of Armstrong & Associates, however you can access the complete report from either site. Richard does a very thorough job of analyzing not only each individual company’s pros, cons, strengths, weaknesses, etc, but he also paints an excellent picture of the current state of the logistics industry as a whole. I highly recommend reading the entire report.

The article provides an in depth look at the 3pl industry and gives a ranking from number 1 to 25 of the world’s largest 3PL companies in terms of total revenue for 2005. The rankings take into account a 3PL‘s total revenue relative to warehousing (contract logistics) and freight management (airfreight, seafreight, domestic transportation, etc.)

Taking the top spot for I believe the third year in a row was Exel. Since Exel was acquired DHL’s parent company (the Duetsche Post) in December of 2005, Exel’s 2005 ranking remains intact for the full year. If you add the DHL ranking (#4) to Exel’s top spot, you can see the total revenue of the new combined entity. Also note that the combination of BAX/Schenkers would vault the company into the number 2 spot.

Here is a list of the top 25 with revenue in millions:

1. Exel, PLC – $13,335
2. Kuehne & Nagel – $10,700
3. Schenker – $10,700
4. DHL Global Forwarding – $9,500
5. UPS Supply Chain Solutions – $7,700
6. Panalpina – $6,320
7. CH Robinson – $5,689
8. TNT – $4,270
9. Expeditors – $3,902
10. Schneider Logistics – $3,852
11. NYK Logistics – $3,560
12. Penske – $3,171
13. Eagle Global Logistics – $3,096
14. Nippon Express – $3,000
15. PWC/Geologistics – $3,000
16. Bax Global – $2,899
17. UTi Worldwide – $2,785
18. Ryder – $2,181
19. Caterpillar Logistics – $2,100
20. Kintetsu – $2,025
21. Menlo – $1,340
22. APL Logistics – $1,290
23. Maersk Logistics – $800
24. SembCorp Logistics – $713
25. Fedex Trade Networks – $672

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  • Kevin June 24, 2006, 9:10 am

    I would not trust these numbers. I worked for one of the companies on this list and I can tell you that his numbers and his research were way off the mark. We were private so we never corrected him (plus he overstated some things that probably made us look better).

    I think some companies (espcially the public ones) give him everything but I would be careful if you have no independent way to verify the numbers.

  • 3plwire June 24, 2006, 12:57 pm

    You bring up an excellent point. As with anything you need to take these numbers with a grain of salt, however I do believe that the rankings in terms of 1 to 25 should be fairly close even if the overall revenue numbers might not be 100% accurate.

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