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Asia Logistics Wrap has a nice illustration of supply chain architectures using a real world example of the development of an intermodal Tokyo-Seoul link:

How firms managing supply chains adapt to the above variables depends on the quality of their supply chain architectures. As mentioned here many times before, these architectures can essentially be reduced to five: physical, financial, informational, relational and innovational.


With this framework, we can better approach available information on the development of a particular supply chain. Today, I want to focus on an article out of Logistics Japan on 9/18 that highlights changes in Tokyo-Seoul supply chain links, initiated by JR Freight. This article is titled “Cooperation with Korean Rail Public Corporation: Linking Tokyo to Seoul in 4 Days, Cheaper and Faster” and written by a Mr. Takagi. Rather than translate the entire article, this time I will highlight those areas that illustrate improvements in the architectures mentioned above.

Head on over to Asia Logistics Wrap where he breaks down the article into an illustration of the five supply chain architectures he mentions above.

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