Nicaragua canal still being considered

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In the wake up Panama’s voters approving expansion of the canal, Logistics Today is asking if Nicaragua is next:

Meanwhile in Nicaragua, after a mere half-millennium of talk, there is some motion toward digging a 178-mile link between the Atlantic and Pacific. “We are not competing with Panama,” claims Mario Alonso, president of Nicaragua’s Canal commission and former head of the country’s central bank. “We are doing different things.” According to engineering studies, ships too large for an enlarged Panama Canal would be able to transit one in Nicaragua, making the the trip in 26 hours. Such a move would save a 36-hour trip around Cape Horn and an estimated $2 million in additional transportation costs.

Despite claiming that they are not competing with Panama, if they can complete a canal able to handle the super-size vessels now coming online and in the future, particularly before Panama completes their own expansion, they would be in a prime position to steal some competitive business away from Panama.

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