America’s Airports “Misery Index”

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Ok, so it’s not exactly cargo related, but since this blog is all about international trade and logistics we’ve all done our fair share of traveling and could probably all share a story or two about crowded airports, missed flights, etc. US News and World Report just released a report entitled “America’s Most Miserable Airports” which ranks airports in a “Misery Index” based on their combination of delayed flights and crowded planes. Click on the link for the whole list, here’s the worst 5 in US News “Misery Index:

1. Chicago: O’Hare
2. Newark, NJ: Newark Liberty International
3. San Francisco: San Francisco International
4. Dallas/Ft. Worth: Dallas/Ft. Worth International
5. Miami: Miami International

No surprise with O’Hare at number 1. It’s been awhile since I’ve flown in or out of Newark but I’ve never had any problems there. I was very surprised by SFO at #3, but then again I primarily fly international out of SFO, not domestic, and my colleagues who live there claim domestically it can get pretty bad. I’ve had mixed experiences with Dallas and have never flown through Miami.

Scrolling through the list it’s not too surprising that the nation’s major metropolitan “legacy” airports fared the worst while the smaller, secondary airports , which are more likely to be serviced by budget airlines and smaller planes, fared better. Anyways, head on over to their site and check out the entire list, pretty interesting.

  • Eric February 11, 2008, 8:24 pm

    How Atlanta missed this list I have NO idea. However as a guy who flies 150-200 commercial flights a year, here are my WORST airports.

    1. ORD – Chicago sucks. Mostly because United does too.
    2. DFW – Very tough place to change planes and the car rental lot is hard to get to as well.
    3. CLT – Charlotte is a US Airways/America West hub. Not easy if you are flying any other airline.
    4. DEN – Denver. Security at Denver is crazy. Poor design makes a big time TSA bottleneck.
    5. ATL – Volume…sheer volume and no moving sidewalks on the concourses…which are a mile long literally.
    6. EWR – Newark is a great airport with bad ATC. I used to say ATL to EWR was a 2 hour flight going and a 3 hour flight back because you would be no.26 for departure at EWR, which cost you an hour.

    7. BWI. – Baltimore. In the middle of the east coast in the summer…guaranteed for super sumer slow downs.
    8. MSP – Any place that is the world headquarters of Northworst airlines has to SUCK. plus the construction.
    9. FLL – NEVER fly out of Fort Lauderdale when the cruise ships are in. Too many goobers and old folks with no clue.
    10. SEA – Ever tried to collect your bags in Seattle? Good luck. You’ll never figure out what carousel they are on. They dont post the flights.


  • SwizStick February 12, 2008, 12:53 am

    Atlanta’s there at number 9 – so no, they didn’t break the top 5, but they are in at 9th worst airport, according to this report by US News. I have to agree with you that I think they should be higher, thanks for reminding me. I also had forgotten about Sky Harbor (PHX) I absolutely hate that airport.

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