China Sourcing: Quality products are going to cost you

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This is already a couple of days old, but ChinaLawBlog makes a very good point about insisting on quality when sourcing from China and making sure to be specific and get it all in writing. Dan Harris links to a post from The China Game blog where a distributor saw their quoted prices rise by an average of 20% simply by mentioning quality testing. Dan Harris explains:

Now I know this sounds funny, but this sort of thing runs rampant in certain industries. For example, in the fish business, many companies order ten kilogram boxes of fish, but with a wink and a nod, the Chinese supplier provides nine kilogram boxes. I have a client who, unwilling to go along with this artifice, makes very clear to its Chinese suppliers that it truly wants ten kilograms of fish in its ten kilogram boxes. Not surprisingly, the price is about 10% higher.

The lesson to be learned here is that if you are serious about quality, you must tell your Chinese supplier of this again and again.

Read the whole thing. Sound advice for anyone who buys from China.

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