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If you are anything like me and you have been in the logistics/supply chain industry for quite sometime, then you have probably given some thought to obtaining and advanced logistics degree or graduate certificate in supply chain management.

AMR Research has recently published their list of the top universities offering degrees in supply chain management. The report found that Penn State and Michigan State University lead in terms of “industry value, program depth, and program scope”.

The report ranks the universities based on feedback from 126 companies and 19 academic institutions in terms of how well the programs prepare graduates to “manage increasingly global integrated supply chain organizations”.

Looking to increase your income? MIT and University of Michigan had the highest average graduate base salaries at $116,000 and $100,000.

The decision to pursue advanced education is not one to take likely. Various factors should be considered including, career goals/aspirations, time available, and depth of commitment. If you are currently considering, take the time to research the pros and cons of each university offering and make sure that you will be able to capitalize on your investment.

The complete report is available from the AMR website; however, you must be a client to gain complete access.

For additional information regarding the Penn State Masters in Supply Chain Management, click here.

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