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As we launch our contribution to 3plwire.com, we want to use our first post to explain what we will bring to 3plwire.com. At Zepol, we believe that companies and organizations can use the trade data we provide to make smarter decisions by knowing more about their markets, competition, and suppliers, thus through this partnership will can provide general market statistics that help companies meet their goal. It is part of our mission to educate both our subscribers and the international business community about the international trade data available and show those who have never seen the data better understand the market as a whole.

There are a lot of questions regarding the trade data we provide and we hope to use this partnership to provide answers and information about the data to the international trade community. We believe that there are many great uses of this data that not only benefit individual companies, but also the general public. To help remove the mystery from U.S. import trade data, we will use our partnership with 3plwire.com to show how the data can be applied to the decision making process and how innovative companies are using our data to drive revenue, reduce costs, and minimize supply chain risk.

Some of the topics that we will discuss in the entries are:

• Current events and how companies can use trade data to their benefit
• Stories on how companies are using trade data in their everyday business processes
• General trade statistics for ports, countries and commodities
• How To’s and best practices for trade data analysis

We invite you, as a reader, to comment on our posts and suggest topics to discuss. Expect us to post regularly and respond to comments quickly, we see this blog as a great way to answer questions about AMS and other types of data. Finally, it is great to be working with 3plwire.com, a leader in online information for this industry.

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