Future 3PL Factors to Consider


A growing number of companies are relying on 3PL providers to manage some or all of their supply chain networks. For example, a majority of companies in the computer industry rely on 3PLs. The industry has changed considerably, from freight forwarding in the 70s, increasing service offerings in the 80s and 90s, to web-based 3PLs [...]

Precision Total Fulfillment – Company Spotlight


Our Business is Fulfillment Precision Total Fulfillment (PTF) is a one-stop outsourcing company with its corporate headquarters and warehousing facilities conveniently located near Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada. PTF is a subsidiary of Precision Truck Lines Inc, and has successfully distinguished itself from other fulfillment companies. The dedicated team of fulfillment specialists at PTF [...]

Top 5 Signs it is Time to Switch Carriers


Top 5 signs it is time to switch carriers: 1.  Financial Warning Signs With many carriers reporting first quarter losses in 2012, now might be a good time to check the financial health of your current carrier.  While a one-time quarterly loss isn’t a reason to immediately run for the exits, a string of quarterly [...]

Selecting your 3PL Provider – By Mark Millar


Outsourcing More to Less Recent studies confirm that companies are now outsourcing more of their logistics activities – and they are outsourcing to a fewer number of service providers. Therefore, the selection of your Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider is becoming increasingly important to empower effective and efficient supply chain ecosystems that are essential for [...]

Understanding Bunker Fuel: is there a relationship to crude prices?


Unless you work for an ocean container line, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding bunker fuel costs and how they play into ocean container costs and BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor – fuel surcharge for container lines).  This is especially compounded when folks look at the headlines in regards to crude oil prices [...]

How to use U.S. Customs Data within 3PLs – Zepol.com Guest Post

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The transportation industry makes up a large portion of users of U.S. Customs data. Because U.S. Customs data relates directly to every portion of a NVOCC, Customs Broker, or 3PL’s import business, these users see the data as an essential business tool. A transportation service provider that works without import manifest data is at a [...]

Top 25 Global 3PL’s – 2008


It has been awhile since we last discussed the top 25 global 3PL’s. In fact, I believe the last rankings we wrote about were the numbers published by Armstrong and Associates from 2006. The latest report I saw was an article published by SJ Consulting Group detailing the 25 largest 3PL companies based on 2008 [...]

Global recession and the fate of small forwarders


This is a topic that I have been thinking about quite a bit over the last few months as the global recession continues to develop. What will be the fate of the small freight forwarders? According to a report I read on the Financial Times, many of today’s small freight forwarders will simply disappear. The [...]

DHL / Deutsche Post says “goodbye” to the U.S. domestic express market


Update: 11-24-08 For much, much more on Deutsche Post World Net’s decision to pull DHL out of the U.S. market, check out this in depth article from Air Transport World. Key excerpt: DPWN cited three key factors that drove the decision to focus only on international shipping to and from the US, a move that [...]

Conway Freight to close 40 service centers


The Conway Freight division of Conway has announced that they will undergo a major “network improvement initiative” which will result in the closing of 40 service centers nationwide. The benefits of the initiative, according to a company press release, will reduce service exceptions, improve on-time delivery and bring faster transit times to thousands of communities, [...]

Tough market for China-centric NVOCC/Forwarders?

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Just a random thought. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I seemed to be hearing a lot lately from China-centric NVOCC/Forwarders. Just a quick note that they certainly haven’t let up and I’m curious to know if anyone else out there is experiencing the same thing or can confirm the general situation. There [...]

Required training for logistics sales people


Thanks to Freight Dawg. I too am appalled at the general lack of geographical knowledge by folks within the logistics provider industry, particularly sales people. I’ve worked both sides of the fence and as a customer it is pretty embarrassing when you have to explain or point out to the sales rep the location of [...]