China Value Added Tax (VAT) Cai Shui No. 37


  I received numerous notifications from my logistics providers today in regards to the Chinese Government’s Circular No. 37 (Cai Shui [2013] No. 37) on “Tax Policy Regarding Nationwide Implementation of VAT Pilot Program on Transportation and Modern Services Sectors”.  This new tax policy has been issued jointly by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and [...]

China’s rising labor costs: will it hurt their competitiveness?

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Patrick Chovanec is a professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management in Beijing. I first stumbled upon him when I found a very interesting post of his on what he called “The Nine Nations of China” which broke down China into 9 distinct regions, which I highly recommend you check out. Since then [...]

Hong Kong economic growth plunges


Not great news for one of my favorite cities; but, not particularly surprising either given the state of the global economy. I just finished reading an article on the WSJ which describes the current woes that Hong Kong is currently facing. According to the article, Hong Kong’s economy plunged at its fastest rate in a [...]

Hong Kong Ocean Terminals Video


Anyone importing from Hong Kong or South China knows of the massive operations that are conducted at the ports. This video shows a fairly good overview of the services provided at the port of Hong Kong.

China Ports: Overcapacity on the horizon?

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China has been on a seemingly non-ending construction boom in regards to its terminals and ports. As their economy has expanded at dizzying heights over the past decade and Chinese imports grew in volume and importance to the U.S. and European retail markets, demand for new and expanding port cargo capacity has been met with [...]

Consumer Products: A primer on entering the Chinese market


ChinaLawBlog links to a very handy guide from Silk Road International on how to import into China. They also provide their own tips from their own experience working with some U.S. food companies. I won’t bother to excerpt all the very useful points from these two links, but simply pass on the advice that if [...]

China to restrict new shipbuilders


As ocean carriers are facing a glut of excess capacity from too many new ship orders from the boom years, demand for shipbuilding has subsequently plummeted. China, a major shipbuilding country, is particularly struggling as demand, according to this article, has sunk 66%. Hence, the Chinese government will ban any new shipyards for three years [...]

China and Taiwan open direct shipping lane


This is another piece of news that got lost in the end of year holiday shuffle. For the first time since the two separated in 1949, China and Taiwan launched the first direct shipping lane across the Taiwan strait. ‘Today is another day to remember in the history of cross-strait ties,’ said Mr Wang Yi, [...]

Chinese manufacturer to setup distribution center in the U.S.


I’m fairly confident they aren’t the first but it’s so rare to find such events in the news that I figure it’s worthy of a post. They are looking at Indianapolis and their products service major auto makers in the U.S. Goodtime Science & Technology Co., LTD manufactures and distributes environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient rubber, plastic, [...]

China: Urban unemployment to increase next year


Chinese officials say the outlook is “grim”: Urban unemployment has begun to rise and will increase next year, Yin Weimin, minister of human resources and social security, said on Thursday. “Stabilising employment is the top priority for us right now,” said Mr Yin, in comments reflecting growing worries about the potential threat to social stability. [...]

China’s bailout package includes infrastructure development


It’s been a while since we linked to our colleague at Asia Logistics Wrap, but he’s got a newly revamped site and has been blogging up a storm. Today he highlights one of the key aspects of China’s announced bailout package of $586 billion: infrastructure: China’s supply chains stretching into the less developed western regions [...]

China to increase export tax rebates – again


In yet another move to stem the slide in export growth, China’s government announced that they would increase export tax rebates on some 3,770 export items, a little more than a quarter of its exports. It was just a couple of weeks ago that China increased the export tax rebate on toys and textiles. Via [...]