Geodis-IBM logistics acquisition: win-win for both?


It’s not all gloom and doom out there – deals are still happening and this announced deal is huge. IBM gets, presumably, a huge chunk of change selling its global logistics operations and Geodis in turn acquires a EUR 1 billion/year client under a multi-year agreement. IBM sees a nice influx of cash to its [...]

Fuel prices causing companies to “Move West”


I lived in Los Angeles during the early 2000’s and had the opportunity to tour various inland logistics centers based in the Fontana/Ontario area of Southern California. Some of these operations were absolutely outstanding. For instance, the company I was working for at the time was running nearly one million square feet of warehousing and [...]

Tips for 3PL / Freight Forwarder salespeople (and complaints)


Lately it seems to have been an ongoing feature of what I call “Annoying and/or Idiot Sales Person of the Week” syndrome here at work, only it’s been almost every single day that I’ve had to endure at least one phone call from a sales rep that left me shaking my head in disgust or [...]

Opportunities in China: Logistics Sector to grow dramatically

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At least according to China Logistics News and a report they link to: An industry report states that the logistics sector is expected to grow 30% annually over the next three years. Which suggests it is just about to double in size. Jones Lang LaSalle, a global real estate money management and services consultancy, said [...]

Top 30 3PL’s in 2006


Richard Armstrong of Armstrong & Associates has released his annual report of the top 3PL providers in North America. Rankings are based on total annual revenue in N. America. I found it interesting to note that in the article customer satisfaction was deemed greater with the mid-sized 3PL’s ($500-1000 million annual revenue) as opposed to [...]

This month’s World Trade: 10 Trends That Will Change your Supply Chain


This month’s issue of World Trade Magazine is chock full of useful information, particularly its cover article covering 10 Trends That Will Change Your Supply Chain: 1. The Adaptive Process of Operating in Low Cost Regions I believe that tracking and responding to the relative positions of low cost regions will be an ongoing theme [...]

Bad news for the big boys: Customers prefer shipping with multiple providers


While the big boys of the 3PL/Freight Forwarding industry have been busy consolidating and gobbling up smaller players in an effort to become gargantuan one-stop-shops for their customers, recent studies show that most customers, particularly large ones, prefer to ship with multiple providers instead of centralizing with one major provider: The Unisys study found that [...]

IDS Logistics (subsidiary of Li & Fung) acquires US Impac Logistics


Via AllRoadsLeadtoChina: It is a sign of things to come, and for the Li & Fung Group (China’s largest trading, sourcing, and outsourced manufacturing company) there will be huge benefits all over the place from this deal on the cost and revenue side of the equation. Outside of the savings that will result from the [...]

Improving the supply chain through “driver friendliness”


Unfortunately this article from Logistics Management skimps on details, but I found it interesting nonetheless: Lowe’s designed its distribution centers with “driver friendliness” in mind and has a written policy to be friendly and courteous to all drivers, according to Steve Palmer, vice president of transportation for the Lowe’s Cos. “What does being friendly and [...]

Supply Chain Financing : The Next Frontier?


Hmm…perhaps Robert Bernabucci, President of UPS Capital, was on to something: the Aberdeen Group just published a report proclaiming Supply Chain Finance as the new front in the battle to control costs.

Gloomy analysis for the 3PL industry


I meant to comment earlier on Blogonlog’s posting about Datamonitor’s “Logistics Benchmarking and Profiler 2006” report that spells possible trouble for the logistics industry, but of course as you well know we were down for a few days, so I am only getting to it now. I agree with Blogonlog, I too am not buying [...]

The changing role of the 3PL in the electronics industry


As this article from Intelligent Enterprise Magazine points out, the increasingly complex global supply chain and demand for ever specialized services from the electronics industry has lead to new services and changing roles for 3PLs that service the industry: The challenges facing logistics companies are immense: an expanding global supply chain that is moving into [...]