Retailers Unite to Form Bangladesh Worker Safety Initiative


An alliance of 17 North American retailers has been formed to improve factory safety conditions for workers in Bangladesh. The new initiative aimed at increasing factory and worker safety calls for 100 percent inspections of all member factories within the first year, common safety standards to be developed within the next three months; inspections results [...]

Walmart Plans to Source More USA Made Goods

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A recent article from, applauds Walmart for their recent announcement that the retailing giant plans to source an additional $50 billion in US made products over the next ten years.   Scott Paul, AAM’s President, responded by saying: “If Walmart’s ‘Made in America’ announcement is real, it’s a game changer. No company drives retailing trends [...]

China’s rising labor costs: will it hurt their competitiveness?

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Patrick Chovanec is a professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management in Beijing. I first stumbled upon him when I found a very interesting post of his on what he called “The Nine Nations of China” which broke down China into 9 distinct regions, which I highly recommend you check out. Since then [...]