“2013 Outlook – New Supply Chain Strategies for The Asia Era” – Mark Millar


As a result of recent and rapid developments in worldwide commerce, we have seen supply chains evolve into complex international networks, which can no longer adequately be described using the linear concept of a ‘chain’. The depth and breadth of complexity, connectivity and inter-dependencies involved in today’s international commerce has resulted in the emergence of [...]

Ocean bid tip: diversify your carrier alliances!


With so many container lines out there to choose from it’s easy to forget that despite their numbers there really are fewer choices than it seems when you consider carrier alliances and vessel sharing partners. If you are large enough to deal in direct carrier contracts with container lines, then you would be wise to [...]

Understanding Bunker Fuel: is there a relationship to crude prices?


Unless you work for an ocean container line, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding bunker fuel costs and how they play into ocean container costs and BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor – fuel surcharge for container lines).  This is especially compounded when folks look at the headlines in regards to crude oil prices [...]

2010 Retail container imports may have peaked


According to the NRF (National Retail Federation’s) monthly July Global Port Tracker report: “The traditional peak season may be melting away,” said Ben Hackett, founder of Hackett Associates, which produces the Port Tracker for the NRF. The report said double-digit increases in June and July apparently were swollen by backlogs that developed earlier this year [...]

Worst crisis in the history of container shipping is not over – CEO of Maersk Line (a TPM recap)

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While Eivind Kolding, Partner and CEO of Maersk Line, believes that the worst is behind the container line industry, the pain is far from over. As the keynote speaker at this year’s 2010 Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference in Long Beach this morning, Mr. Kolding noted that while there appears to be a good balance in supply [...]

AMR Research – Top 25 Supply Chains


It’s that time of year again. AMR Research recently released their list of the top 25 global supply chains and for the second year in a row Apple Computer has claimed the top spot. The methodology for ranking the top 25 is based on something AMR calls Demand Driven Performance. Which, according to their website, [...]

Consumer Products: A primer on entering the Chinese market


ChinaLawBlog links to a very handy guide from Silk Road International on how to import into China. They also provide their own tips from their own experience working with some U.S. food companies. I won’t bother to excerpt all the very useful points from these two links, but simply pass on the advice that if [...]

CBP expected to issue final ruling on 10+2 proposal soon


….now that the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) has given them authority to move forward: Customs is expected to move quickly to issue the final rule. The rule has been under review for months by the administration. The delay has forced Customs officials to remain silent on the issue while OMB deliberated, and left [...]

Africa seeks 26 country Free Trade Area


If they are successful – and they do it right – this will be a huge boon for Africa’s economy as a whole: 26 African countries have signed an agreement in Uganda that aims to create Africa’s largest free trade area within the next six months. The plan aims to merge the Common Market for [...]

Vietnam petitions U.S. for inclusion in GSP program


Via Bloomberg who notes that this could further swing exports away from China: Vietnam’s government asked the U.S. in May to make it eligible for a program that promotes growth in poorer countries by axing tariffs on some imports. While there is no regulatory timetable, the target is for President George W. Bush to admit [...]

10+2 Importer Security Filing : When will CBP issue its final ruling?


Update: 11-26-08 – The interim final rule has been published. Effective date is January 26, 2009, for the full details please click on our latest post here. While CBP maintains that 10+2 is coming, they are now declining to predict when it might actually happen. Via Joc.com: The rule has been under review for months [...]

Details of Lacey Act still being ironed out

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Importers have been eagerly awaiting more concrete details on the new plant and plant product import declarations they will have to start filing effective December 15, although enforcement isn’t expected to be implemented until April 1, 2009. While officials have been quick to assure the import community that they will take a common sense approach, [...]