Incoterms 2010 – DAT and DAP


The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced the launch of the new rule changes to Incoterms® 2010 which will be kicked off during a September event in Paris. The official implementation of the new rules are scheduled to take place during January of 2011. On September 27th – 29th, the ICC will hold a [...]

Logistics in China : Smaller players need to adapt and change to survive.


Ever since China opened up its doors to its logistics industry there has been a flurry of activity as global players gobble up local firms and domestic players merge or expand to compete. With all the activity, there is concern over the smaller players’ survival: As the competition hots up in the coming years, “there [...]

How well do you know your Incoterms?


I remember early on in my supply chain career going on sales calls with one of our company’s more seasoned sales executives. During one of our calls we met with the logistics manager at a very large OEM company in Southern California. In the meeting my colleague was discussing the OEM company’s air imports and [...]

3PL Spotlight – Pantos Logistics


Pantos Logistics Whilst ensuring we continue to expand and develop our service solution to create a competitive advantage for our customers, our primary services encompass both Freight Management and Supply Chain Solutions. 1. Services Offered A. Transport 1. Domestic and international trucking 2. Chartered aircraft 3. FCL & LCL sea transport 4. Break bulk [...]

Clean Trucks Program in Los Angeles / Long Beach approved


We’ve commented and linked before on the trucking industry’s opposition to certain elements of the Clean Trucks Program that the ports of Los Angeles / Long Beach have been considering, the main sticky point being the fact that the program would have excluded all independent owner-operated rigs, granting access only to company-owned trucks and drivers. [...]

America’s Ports: An overview from World Trade Magazine


This is a pretty handy article from this month’s issue of World Trade Magazine giving a brief overview of a number of America’s largest ports and some of the challenges they face. There’s simply too much there to excerpt efficiently, but I’ll leave you with this tidbit: As an overview of the state of American [...]

China trip quick recap (I’m back – sorry for the long absence)


While Splatty has been dealing with a new baby and some rather time consuming projects at his day job, I’ve been off in China and Hong Kong for over 3 weeks. It’s taken me about a week to catch up with all my work, but I’m back and Splatty’s big projects should be completed soon [...]

DC Bypass


With today’s low cost labor options in China, many retailers are looking for ways to further reduce costs in their suppy chains. One potential area of focus that is becoming increasingly prevalent is the concept of DC bypass. Under the DC bypass program goods are sorted, labeled, and boxed in store ready packages prior to [...]

This month’s World Trade: 10 Trends That Will Change your Supply Chain


This month’s issue of World Trade Magazine is chock full of useful information, particularly its cover article covering 10 Trends That Will Change Your Supply Chain: 1. The Adaptive Process of Operating in Low Cost Regions I believe that tracking and responding to the relative positions of low cost regions will be an ongoing theme [...]

TSA Director Weighs In On Cargo Screening

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TSA Chief Kip Hawley speaking before the U.S. Senate Aviation Subcommittee had this to say about the feasibility of screening all air cargo. Via “If you spend all your resources opening boxes and not applying your resources more generally, that opens up another vulnerability. The adaptive terrorist will go there.” According to that theory, [...]

3PL’s – “One-Stop Shops”


Swizstick and I constantly debate which is better; a do-it-all logistics behemoth or a small versatile third party logistics company. I argue for the behemoth mainly because my background is with large global third party logistics companies. Swizstick would argue that the smaller logistics provider can adapt more easily to a customer’s needs and is [...]

The Migratory Supply Chain


I read an article from DC Velocity online about a new supply chain concept (at least the term was new to me) called the “migratory supply chain”. What is the migratory supply chain concept? It’s perhaps best explained by way of example. For many, the idea of the migratory supply chain is epitomized by the [...]