Incoterms: DDP – Delivered Duty Paid


DDP DDP – Delivered Duty Paid – is another useful incoterm that can be used with any mode of transport. It is very similar to DDU except that with DDP the seller is also responsible for all import customs formalities and duty and for final delivery of the goods to the buyer at the named [...]

How well do you know your Incoterms?


I remember early on in my supply chain career going on sales calls with one of our company’s more seasoned sales executives. During one of our calls we met with the logistics manager at a very large OEM company in Southern California. In the meeting my colleague was discussing the OEM company’s air imports and [...]

Incoterms 2010 – DAT and DAP


The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced the launch of the new rule changes to Incoterms┬« 2010 which will be kicked off during a September event in Paris. The official implementation of the new rules are scheduled to take place during January of 2011. On September 27th – 29th, the ICC will hold a [...]

Incoterms 2000 – Part 2


Ok so maybe it’s not the most exciting topic, but how you utilize the Incoterms in your supply chain can have a huge bearing on your company’s competitive advantage. SwizStick and I will be posting several articles over the next few weeks regarding each Incoterm. We will detail some of the benefits of each as [...]

3PL Frustrations?


Your shipment is late, damaged, held up in customs, lost, etc…any one of these issues would most likely have you pulling your hair out wondering why your favorite 3PL continues to have these types of issues. Actually the majority of shipments most likely move from point A to B with little fanfare, however when something [...]